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Welcome to Genesis Sci-fi Club

The Basingstoke science fiction club

Genesis is the science fiction and genre club originally based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. We share a love for all things genre-related from science fiction to fantasy to horror to science to space exploration. Basically, just your typical sci-fi club.

In the past, we would meet once a month to talk about genre-related items, watch media, engage in a quiz, etc. But over the course of the pandemic, the Genesis club accumulated a number of members who cannot attend in-person (usually because they're too far away, some by multiple thousands of miles). As a result, the regular Genesis meetings are currently being held online using the Zoom platform. The same goes for the book club meetings. Connection information will be posted here, and on social media (hopefully) no later than an hour before the meeting starts.

As for in-person meetings, we try to get together once per month at a venue for table-top gaming. At the moment, that venue is the Dice Tower gaming cafe located in Basingstoke. The scheduled meetups are posted here, as well.

Many of us also like to attend related conventions such as Worldcons, Eastercons, ArmadaCons, etc. You'll find a small list of items below where Genesis members are known to be attending.

Upcoming Meetings

The next scheduled meetings are as follows:

Upcoming Conventions

The following conventions are coming up. Various Genesis members will be attending them. For more information, visit their respective websites.

Glasgow Worldcon (the 82nd Worldcon)Glasgow, UK8th August 2024-12th August 20248-Aug-24 - 12-Aug-24
World Fantasy Convention 2024Niagara Falls, NY, USA17th October 2024-20th October 202417-Oct-24 - 20-Oct-24
ArmadaConPlymouth, UK1st November 2024-3rd November 20241-Nov-24 - 3-Nov-24
Reconnect - Eastercon 2025Belfast, Northern Ireland18th April 2025-21st April 202518-Apr-25 - 21-Apr-25
Seattle Worldcon (the 83rd Worldcon)Seattle, WA, USA13th August 2025-17th August 202513-Aug-25 - 17-Aug-25