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Gold Channel for Sunday 18th November 2018


Hiya Genesis peeps,

Another month has gone by, and it's time for the Genesis meeting!

A huge thank you to Jeremy for last month's program, which included a bunch of things that we don't normally see—nice!—and a brutal quiz that brought out the silly in most of us, including some....flexible.....scoring. Fun though, and laughter is good for you!

This week is courtesy of Louis, and while I don't know exactly what the program is, it's certainly malkovich malkovich.

Just a reminder, the Christmas dinner choices will be sent to the Red Lion this week, so if you want to go and haven't put in your meal choices and/or paid, please talk to me or Matt. We can add people for a while yet, so spread the word—the more the merrier!

Your chair,


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Next Book Club - 12th October

At South Ham library, 10:00am till 12:00pm (1000 - 1200). (map). Discuss what books and graphic novels are new and what's worth reading.

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Next Club Meeting - 20th October

At Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke, 3:00pm till 9:30pm (1500 - 2130). (map).

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