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Gold Channel

Gold Channel for Sunday 30th September 2018


<---yawn---> Craig says that I really need to do this Gold Channel, but I can hardly keep my eyes open so please forgive my rambling.

Last month-and-a-bit's program was kindly provided by Tony, and a nice program it was, too. I didn't watch the movie very closely, but what I saw was intriguing and I think I'll make a point of watching it properly. Thanks, Tony!

This month is courtesy of Jacob, and he spent much time and effort getting it together. His theme (yes, he even has a theme!!) is 'crashes'. Well done Jacob! And I promise I won't get inside knowledge of the quiz...or at least not too much. Honest.

Amazing as it is, it's time to arrange the Christmas meal. This year, it's going to be at the Red Lion again and will be on our regular Genesis day, if possible. I'll get the prices and put out a sign up sheet/menu selection, and Matt will collect the payment. The Council provides the December program, so we'll try to get you something good!

Your Chair,


more Book Club

Next Book Club - 10th November

At South Ham library, 10:00am till 12:00pm (1000 - 1200). (map). Discuss what books and graphic novels are new and what's worth reading.

Later Saturday meetings:

more Red Lion Hotel

Next Club Meeting - 18st November

At Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke, 3:00pm till 9:30pm (1500 - 2130). (map).

Later Sunday meetings:

more Christmas Meal

Christmas Meal - Sunday 16th December 2018

At Red Lion Hotel, 3:00pm till 9:30pm (1500 - 2130). Like last year, December's meeting will be a Christmas dinner. If you haven't signed up, contact Rene.

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