Welcome to Genesis Sci-fi Club

The Basingstoke science fiction club

This web site is in the process of being revamped completely. Yes, we know it looks dated. This will be remedied soon-ish (very heavy on the -ish; the webmaster is realllly lazy). Until then, you can consider what you see here as a sort of archive. Go ahead and click the links on the side bar, but keep in mind that much of the non-fictional information is woefully out of date. As the site gets updated, a subset of that information will be copied over.

Upcoming Meetings

The next meetings are listed below. For now, they're all planned to be held online using the Zoom platform. Connection information will be posted here, and on social media (hopefully) no later than an hour before the meeting starts.

The next scheduled meetings are as follows:

In the meantime, we all hope everybody is doing as well as they can be, and that they're all coping with whatever forms of isolation they may be forced to endure. When things have calmed down again, and various venues have re-opened, regular in-person meetings will resume. Until then, everybody stay safe!

Upcoming Conventions

The following conventions are coming up. Various Genesis members will be attending them. For more information, visit their respective web sites.

Discworld Convention Birmingham, UK 19th August, 2022 - 22nd August, 2022
Chicon 8 (the 80th Worldcon) Chicago, IL, USA 1st September, 2022 - 5th September, 2022
BristolCon Bristol, UK 29th October, 2022
ArmadaCon Plymouth, UK 4th November, 2022 - 6th November, 2022
Conversation, the 73rd Eastercon Birmingham, UK 7th April, 2023 - 10th April, 2023
Worldcon 81 (the 81st Worldcon) Chengdu, China 16th August, 2023 - 20th August, 2023
Glasgow Worldcon (the 82nd Worldcon) Glasgow, UK 8th August, 2024 - 12th August, 2024
  • Note that while this is still only a bid, it is running unopposed with registrations for further bids closed.