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Gold Channel

Gold Channel for Sunday 5th June 2016


It's June! Summer at last, not that you can tell at the moment. A big thanks to Tony for arranging last month's program on short notice — and an interesting program it was! Not a bad way of doing things; I liked being able to pick from a short list to fit my mood.

Paul is doing the program this month, and I'd love to say something properly pithy or even, dare I say,. amusing about it...but I have absolutely no idea what he has planned, so everyone will just have to provide their commentary.

I don't have much else to say except that I've had a gruelling week (or two. Or was that three?) and so am skiving off this month and leaving things in the capable hands of my other half; if anyone has any concerns, comments or (better yet) praise for anything pass it along!


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Next Book Club - Saturday 29th April 2017

At South Ham library, 10:00am till 12:00pm (1000 - 1200). (map). Discuss what books and graphic novels are new and what's worth reading.

Later Saturday meetings:
27th May, 24th June, 22nd July, 19th August, 16th September, 14th October, 11th November, 9th December

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Next Club Meeting - Sunday 7th May 2017

At Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke, 3:00pm till 9:30pm (1500 - 2130). (map).

Later Sunday meetings:
4th June, 2nd July, 30th July, 27th August, 24th September, 22nd October, 19th November, 17th December

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No More Pub Meetings

Pub meetings are defunct. However, various ad-hoc meetings, such as film watching, often happen. Email info@genesis-sf.org.uk for more details.


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